About NOLA Wedding Ministers

Owner: Marsha Sagona


Marsha Sagona was born and raised in Metairie, Louisiana. She formed NOLA Wedding Ministers in 2010 after spending many years traveling the world and experiencing cultures from across the globe. Soon after she started NOLA Wedding Ministers, she joined forces with lifelong friends who shared the same ideas and beliefs as Marsha and her family.

Credentials and Expertise

We are registered officiants for wedding. commitment, and dedication ceremonies in Jefferson and Orleans Parishes.  Our expertise stem from our expertise in providing limousine transportation to thousands of brides and grooms over the past 30 years. Additional expertise are derived from working as a stylist and various other service oriented industries.  We comply with all regulations set forth by Jefferson and Orleans Parish. 


We provide officiant services for weddings, commitment ceremonies, and dedications. We also provide spiritual and enlightenment experiences.  As a certified life coach, I also do consulting for family members of those who are incarcerated.   

Our Beliefs

Our beliefs are based on a Catholic upbringing but also has embedded values of the Jewish culture, which stems from Marsha's Jewish grandfather. Our beliefs are inclusive of all cultures as I have learned and experience a variety of cultural beliefs during my travels. I value each faith and respect the differences, reasoning, and insights that every faith has to offer--regardless of denomination or creed. 


We are not here to disregard any service or tradition performed by the church. We are simply here for those who choose differently. We are open to many venue selections as well as private home ceremonies. We are here to work with you on all levels. 

Our Gospel and our Purpose

We believe in One God by many names, The Holy Trinity, and plenty of good Mojo.

Our soul desire is to genuinly make others feel the best the can. So if you're coming to New Orleans and your desire is to get married--we are here to serve you! If you've opted out of a church experience we are here to help you personalize your own ceremony and help your dreams come to fruition!