Nola Wedding Ministers

About Nola Wedding Minsters

Marsha Sagona formed NOLA Wedding Ministers and retained the assistance of other life-long friends who shared the same ideas. We are registered Officiants for wedding, commitment and dedication ceremonies. We also provide spiritual and personal advice. Our call to service comes from deep personal, spiritual, and enlightening experiences that stem from providing limousine transportation to thousands of brides and spending 30 years as a stylist and working in other service industries. Our concept is to be more hands on and available to all who seek our services. Our beliefs are formed out of being Catholic raised, with a Jewish grandfather. I have developed a deep understanding of our differences and insight into reason and faith, regardless of your own denomination. The idea of helping to guide someone in a ceremony or advise them in the right direction is what I trained for.

We are not here to disregard any service performed in a church; we are simply here for those that choose differently. We are open to many venue selections or private home ceremonies . We are here to work with you on all levels. While there is a charge for services performed, don't ever hesitate to call with any questions or concerns that you may have. We represent the church and state, and always hold ourselves in the highest standard of conduct. Our gospel is One God by many names, The Holy Trinity and plenty of MoJo. As certified life coaches, we also do consulting for the family members of those incarcerated.

Our Soul desire is to genuinely make others feel the best they can. So if you are coming to New Orleans, and your desire is to get married, we are here to serve you. By now you've opted for an out of church experience. This allows us more control and personalization of your own ceremony. Vows may be taken from poetry, lyrics from music or whatever else you have in mind.

We also have the ability to personalize your ceremony with souvenirs through our "Holy Art."

We are a group of well-liked, and polished women who are very spiritual, and hold a keen sense of purpose.

Whether you choose a simple civil, traditional, or personal service we ensure that your ceremony will reflect your values and taste: and we aim to give you peace of mind knowing that your ceremony is all that you hope it will be. We comply with all the legal requirements, and are registered in the state of Louisiana and both Orleans and Jefferson Parish.